Their Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa Vale PDF Download

Their Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa Vale PDF Download

By: Vanessa Vale
Relase Date: 2015-05-15
Genre: Western, Romance

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“It was a awesome read. I enjoyed it.“

“This is hot hot hot! Enjoyed reading it....“

“I have no issue with kink or Dom/sub themes, but this book was disturbing. Rape. (rape by coercion is still rape, plus she was sold off and unwilling in the first place? Stockholm syndrome is a real thing, ya'll.) Abuse. (spanking her and literally treating her like a dog with the beatings and "good girl" comments??) I kept hoping it would get better and she would stand up for herself or something, but no. Even the writing quality itself was lacking. Glad I didn't pay for this mess.“

“Don't read this. Unless you like books about rape and forced marriage. This book is horrific!!!!“

“If you like scary, controversial, forceful sex, this is the book for you. Not saying that she doesn't fall for them. But in a Stockholm syndrome kind of way. Personally, yikes.“

“Love Vanessa Vale's books. They are all great reads. Highly recommend.“

“Innocent girl finds herself married to one man and, surprise, also to a second man. What follows is her training to serve two husbands, often in explicit details. Not for those who are embarrassed by anything non-missionary position. This is only Part I so it ends without resolving many of the issues raised, but it was free so who cares? The characters are often interchangeable but that really doesn't matter, does it. Ah, no, it doesn't. And neither really does Part II.“

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