Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory PDF Download

Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory PDF Download

By: Philippa Gregory
Relase Date: 2016-08-09
Genre: Historical, Fiction & Literature

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“I'm a few chapters in and I just feel like it's hard to like the princess, she's very rude and ungrateful and hateful. I would say that in this book and the way the book perverse her she definitely deserves to be named after lady grandmother because she acts just like her“

“I love Philippa Gregory's books especially The Boleyn Girl but this book had me from the beginning and never wanted it to end. Saw part of filming for White Princess over the summer at Wells Cathedral and can't wait to see the whole story on TV.“

“I know the author must like challenges, (she's a master writer), but Margaret was downright tiresome as a main character: I admire the author's ability to weave a story but seeing the story to it's end was like serving on jury duty.“

“I liked the way the story took on the perspective of the oldest Tudor Princess, Margaret. It is her descendants that lead to the current serving royals in England. Fascinating to think what life was like for her during this time.“

“I have looked forward to reading this book, and now that I have, I can say that it was an educational experience, as historical fiction should be. While I know much more about Katherine and Mary, it was interesting reading through this speculation about Margaret's life. Ms. Gregory admits there is not much in the historical record concerning Margaret, but nonetheless, Ms. Gregory wove a believable story with the information available. So much so, that I was intrigued enough to search her bibliography for more information about Margaret and ordered one book, and in the process of ordering, found another. I have been to Edinburgh Castle and Sterling Castle numerous times, (Sterling, Scotland being one of my favorite places to visit among extensive travel throughout western and Eastern Europe) and could easily envision everything depicted in this novel. This book was well worth waiting for, as all of her books are. Well done, Philippe Gregory! Can't wait for the next one!“

“I didn't enjoy this one as much as "The Other Boleyn Girl" or "The White Queen." It is written in the voice of the main character, Margaret Tudor, thoughout her life. Fortunately, her narration matures as she does, and even though I understand the author's intent, I found it tedious until the last third of the book. The fictionalized account of her place in history is definitely an interesting read.“

“This is no way Philippa Gregory's finest offer; in fact, In my opinion, this is her worst novel. The three queens: Margaret, Mary, and Katherine are portrayed as simpering, manipulative, conniving women who are easily pacified with articles of clothing and wads of silk fabric! And then in the end Gregory proselytize in Mary's voice about the importance of sisterhood. There is no sisterhood in this pulp, only capital gains for Ms. Gregory. What a disappointment.“

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