Island of Glass by Nora Roberts PDF Download

Island of Glass by Nora Roberts PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Relase Date: 2016-12-06
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Just finished Island of Glass, the 3rd in the trilogy. What an amazing work of incredible imagination! So captivating! Way to go, Nora!“

“I thought the final pairing of Riley and Doyle lacked connection. At least it didn't do as much "you matter to me" dialogue. Yay. Another pet we really have to keep the "magickal" spelling? Now that I've aired my grievances lol - I was delighted with the tale of all 3 books and recommend them!“

“Loved loved loved!!! Favorite author, never disappoints!“

“Awesome series! Everything she writes is worth reading“

“I've been a fan of Nora Roberts for over 20 years, and have read all her annual novels and most trilogies. This was by far the best yet. Only Nora could weave fantasy and magick into a contemporary story and deliver with the believability that this incredible story could actually happen. The characters are rich and textured, flawed and lovable. Her mythology rang true of a story I'm sure I never heard but somehow should have. I found myself reading the end as I didn't want to leave this fantasy world of good vs evil, love conquers all, family is who you choose to call family and anything is possible with a true heart. Incredibly well written, the Island of Glass was a satisfying conclusion to the Guardians Trilogy. This is by far Ms. Roberts best work yet. Nothing formulaic about this story, she keeps it fresh. I savored every word and hated to see the story end. So real and believable, part of me believes the six guardians are somewhere going on with their life I this time and space. We just can't see it. Perfect, consumable and something to read again and again.“

“I loved the first two books and this one did nothing for me. I felt some of the story was missing here.“

“Really like this series, of course every book by Nora Roberts is excellent. People are believable and interesting. The women are strong, courageous, take charge kind of women, no poor little woman, cringing, clinging vines. I think I've read and reread all of her books I've gotten my hands on. Ive read every one of her J D Robb In Death series. She's the best! Thank you Miss Roberts, may you keep writing until The Stars fall again.“

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