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“Love, love, love Evan and Paige. The more we read about the Maverick the more I fall in love with them! Who knew that second chances could be as perfect as they are for Paige and Evan? Not only second chances with love but second (and first chances) with family. Irresistible in Love will warm your heart and again shows us that money doesn't buy us love or happiness. Oh, and I would love to have a second mother like Susan!“

“Evan Collins always found himself not worthy. Not worthy of the love of family, friends and the one woman he always loved, the sister of his soon to be ex-wife. But through Paige's patience and love, he finds his way back to the mother who deserted him. And also found a brother and sister he didn't know about. In typical Bella style, she shows the true meaning of family and love.“

“Loved this book. Like all of Bella's books this story was awesome. How Paige and Evan fight for their love even through painful moments. Paige discovers how brave and secure of herself she is and how her love for Evan teach him how to forgive his biological mom and accept his siblings.“

“Paige and Evan (Finally, so much delicious buildup) Wow what an emotional roller-coaster these two have taken us on in this journey of discovery. Nine Years is a long time to love from a far and my goodness the sparks that fly once all that was in the way is suddenly clear.. The way these men band together in a desperate time of need is nothing short of true family love. Most definitely a heart warming and exciting read, loved every twist and turn. I have been excited for this couple to see each other since the beginning of this series and finally getting their story was everything I was hoping for and more.“

“Through the series I alway felt like Evan should not have married Whitney she was so selfish. But what she did to Evan was unthinkable, who hurts people like that but claim to love them. She was no better than the father who beat him for years. Suddenly he was getting a divorce from his wife only to realize he was falling deep for his sister in Law Paige. Paige had always been in love with Evan since college but she hid her feelings for years. As if he needed to deal with yet another issue. Evans mother you left him behind to deal with his father abuse, and his twin sister and brother show up on his doorstep, Siblings he didn't know existed. This was a good story with an awesome ending. Curious about what Daniel will be up to next.“

“In the last 2 1/2 years I have read 32 of Bella Andre's books. I fell in love with her work from the first book of hers I read. Her writing is just so beautiful! I get so excited when a new one of her books comes out. Bella knows exactly what to write to appeal to her readers. Her books are filled with so much passion, love, tenderness, the perfect amount of drama, family support, laughter, tears, joy, sadness, heartbreak and hot, steamy sex scenes. Bella has been gifted with the ability to captivate and entertain her audience like no one else can. If you have not yet read one of her books, what are you waiting for? Don't deprive yourself of the pleasure of spending time with Bella's characters. Your life will be made richer from the experience. Irresistible In Love is the story of Evan and Paige, 2 people, desperate for love but scared to go after the REAL thing. Evan is divorcing Paige's sister Whitney (a real piece of trash that never deserved him and his love) after she betrayed him with deception and lies. Unbeknownst to Evan, Paige has been in love with him for years, torturing herself with seeing Evan with Whitney all this time because seeing him happy with her sister is better than not seeing him at all. Paige, hurting for Evan and what he is going through at the hands of Whitney, can't help but hope this is finally her chance to be with him, herself. But will Paige's self doubt and lack of self worth keep her from realizing her dream of love and happiness? Could Evan ever come to truly love Paige as more than a "sister"/friend? This is book #4 in the Maverick Billionaires series. Each book is a standalone with a HEA but with each new book in the series you get to spend time with beloved characters from previous books. The Maverick series is actually a spinoff of The Sullivan's, an incredibly amazing series that I absolutely cannot get enough of. Read Bella's books! You will NOT regret it!!“

“I enjoy reading Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully's collaboration. Characters who are relatable to read about, money aside. The stories show that family is important, no matter what form that family takes. Evan and Paige have a strong friendship and mutual loyalty. Those qualities help them build a strong foundation for a relationship. Evan has a lot to forgive himself for and he has to give up some of his pride to get through it. His friends are always there and have his back. Paige finally uses her psychologist degree to look at her own relationship with her sister. What she discovers helps her move forward in her life, and her life with Evan. A great, what should have happened, finally happens, story.“

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