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“10/10 book, it went very into detail about how one thing can cause another and how much pain Starr was under. My favorite part was Seven’s party, it showed so much emotion, everything with Iesha increased the emotion but what i am taking about is how Starr didn’t realize that her friends can bond without being the same race. It gave good morals🙂“


“A absolutely amazing book that captures the line between black people and police brutality and the things that almost every black person goes through. Also for everyone who is saying “All lives matter” of course this is true, but it is irrelevant to the situation at hand because we are talking about how black people are mistreated by stereotypes and police officers. I also understand that not all police officers are bad and there are some real heroic and amazing examples of good police officers out there, but there are also too many bad officers. Also, by saying “All lives matter” to a “black lives matter protest” is a protest to a protest which is just utterly disrespectful. Being a 12 year old and understanding this is disappointing because, there are some adults who still can’t grasp this concept.“

“This book is awesome, entertaining, and most of all REAL.And I can tell because the movie originated from this book.“

“The first chapter was a little excessive on the swear words, but I loved the book, and those who are saying that it’s racist, y’all r psychos“

“Read the reviews on his book and you will quickly realize the approximate intelligence of it’s readership.“

“I need all these folks hating on this book to shut up first of all read the whole book before you say it’s bad and secondly it is hard being a black girl in the 21st century because people still don’t like us so yes it it is hard so try again sis and this book was amazing“

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