Come Sundown by Nora Roberts PDF Download

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Relase Date: 2017-05-30
Genre: Suspense, Romance

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“Decent enough story, however it’s definitely not consistent with Nora’s style of writing. No way Nora herself wrote this book.“

“I wanted it in audio.“

“Just when I think her books can't get any better another one grabs me. Reviews are right —- You can’t put it down. Nora Roberts , pleas keep them coming.“

“I read this book because Whoopi Goldberg recommended it and it was such a great read. My very 1st Nora Roberts book and the story felt so real I think I finished it in less than a day“

“Another great Nora Roberts novel with real people! Loved it, John.“

“I love Nora Roberts I love this book as I do all her books! Thanks for making me laugh cry and think!“

“This book contains some of the cruelest acts of humanity. Could not finish it.“

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