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“To anyone struggling to maintain their reality as they come to terms with abuse and manipulation, this book will be a hard read but a necessary, deeply validating salve.“

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“This is a deeply disturbing book. And regardless what the author says this book is about both mental illness and Mormonism.“

“14.99 for English 9.99 for Spanish ? Not buying because of that ! Bye“

“This book changed some of my perspectives on life. Please take the time to grasp everything she writes!“

“I read this while on vacation, it was graphic, chilling and very real. The author did an amazing job of providing a detailed accounting for her upbringing and how she was able to rise up.“

“Tara Westover’s writing is elegant but painful, fair but exacting, heart-wrenching but redeeming. I highly recommend this book for its examination of family loyalty, human psychology, and the power of one individual to pull herself out of an unthinkable situation and make something of herself. A tale of true grit and bravery.“

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