The President Is Missing by James Patterson & Bill Clinton PDF Download

The President Is Missing by James Patterson & Bill Clinton PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Bill Clinton
Relase Date: 2018-06-04
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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“Great plot! Characters have depth and are believable. Wanted to read in one sitting as the story is gripping and all to real. Finished in two settings...wishing the book was longer. A great book about our polarized politics, more honesty with allies and foes, including how to reach and engage citizens in our democracy.“

“You might hate Bill Clinton and presidential memoirs. THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS IS. It is an adventurous James Patterson novel with deep and chilling descriptional touches by Bill. This book is a perfect package.“

“Not much of a heavy reader, but this book was very entertaining.“

“Storyline was terrible“

“The plot follows a cliched storyline that’s easy to guess. Although the story covers risks of technology, it’s quite apparent that very little research went towards how hacking and viruses work. Except on a few occasions there is very little insight into the mind of a president.“

“I was not sure I would like a book co-written by Bill Clinton but I was pleasantly surprised. Great story line with interesting content. Not really political until the very, very end. A good read.“

“Great plot, good story, excellent thriller but anyone who works in technology will get a laugh about the technical accuracy of the threat. Still a great read and besides who knows anything about this computer stuff anyways...“

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