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“This was an example of a good story line gone to the trash heap with terrible writing and juvenile character development. Reed, CiCi and Simone are beyond imagination perfect people and their relationships are so over the top with Pollyanna goodness that its fairy tale stuff. You really have to suspend reality to believe that anyone expresses themsleves like these protagnotists do and that they are all so good hearted and wonderfully successful because of the mutual tragedy they were part of. Saccarine sweet does not begin to describe it.“

“One of the best books I’ve read in a long time! Couldn’t put it down, literally read it in a day!“

“So awesome! Couldn’t put it down!“

“This book grips you from the beginning attributed to its resemblance to reality. The aftermath of Patricia (the psychopathic) reminds me of the obsessive, neurotic behavioral actions as those displayed by Sean Miller in Tom Clancy’s ‘Patriot Games’. She objected to and blamed others for her brother’s death. Everyone, that is, but herself. I enjoyed this book and found it difficult to put down.“

“What a wonderful read, great characters, love the setting. I couldn’t put it down.“

“This is the best book to come from Ms. Roberts in some time. It takes us back to her books such as Carolina Moon (just to name one). The tragedy that occurs in this story makes you feel like you’re in the middle of this horrific event. Yet, what arises out of it is beautifully written. Well, it’s the end of September 2018. I just finished reading this fabulous book, and it still stands up as one of my most favorite books I have ever read. I love these quirky and loving characters, most particularly the indomitable CiCi. Even Barney the beloved dog survived his own tragedy to become a loving sweet pooch! Thanks Nora - Cindy D. It’s a great read - congratulations to Ms. Roberts on a spellbinding book! Cindy Demme“

“Good book kept the pages turning“

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