A Dash of Love by Jill Sanders PDF Download

A Dash of Love by Jill Sanders PDF Download

By: Jill Sanders
Relase Date: 2018-04-07
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“I took a chance on this book because of the summary and reviews. This one didn’t quite keep my attention. I can’t say that I like it. I don’t hate it, I finished it, but I most definitely skimmed parts. The best I can say is that it passed time that I had to kill. Why do I disagree with all the praise and 5 star reviews? I didn’t feel the chemistry between the two. Seemed forced, and more of “Well, you’re new in town, you’ll do.” Then with the constant issues of sabotage, break ins, hospital visits/injuries, and supposed “whodunnit” graffiti, I just found it non-compelling to finish. Too many attempted twists and surprises for the length of the story. It was one thing after another as if the author were rushed to finish but cram all the events into a certain number of pages. Meh. Very bland. I guess that is the word I am looking for. Bland.“

“I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and I also purchased a copy. What a sweet story. I loved the characters. Two strong independent people coming together in the best possible way. The book had my favorite dual POV. That really helps me to understand the character so much better. I loved the close knit family and community of Pride. I will have to go back and read the other stories as their characters were fantastic as well. I loved the suspense that was in this book as well. The plot was wonderful and just perfect. It wasn't too long and drawn out nor too short so everything was tied up nicely. I highly recommend.“

“A great romance story.“

“Just finished the second book. I loved going back. Really enjoyed them. Please write more of this series. Pudge48“

“I loved returning to Pride and moving to the next generation. All of the originals make an appearance and it’s nice to see how life had moved on for everyone.“

“Sweetly sexy, charming, fun, exciting and emotional romantic adventure with a twist of mystery thrown in. Loved coming back to Pride in this highly entertaining journey. Sara Jordan is sweet, sexy and finally has the chance to run The Golden Oar that she has longed for. Parker is a charming, strong and the sexy know it all carpenter that was hired by Sara's uncle to update the old building. Sparks fly and tempers flair as accidents start to happen on the job site. Real page turner from beginning to end. Can not wait to revisit Pride again.“

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