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“Excellent. So easy to read and to relearn our history. This book gave me hope in these troubled times. Sherry“

“Incredibly boring and repetitive. A serious disappointment.“

“I highly recommend this book as it references political leaders in the US and decisions made by them during times of crisis. The art of listening to others and compromising with others is much needed in our country and I am confident that new leaders will emerge with these types of skills.“

“Glad I decided not to buy the whole version.“

“Historic perspective is needed today more than this generation is aware. Meacham accomplishes this goal, however the reader is bogged down in wondering references that would best be saved for the bibliography. As a result, the flow is interrupted and the point is often lost. Maybe a more scholarly mind is accustom to such ramblings. The pre-sale hype on the book promised references to our current political leadership, yet these were weak and too few. In the end he concludes that we will rise from our currently low political frustrations to an era of higher ground in the future.“

“Reading this gave me hope that my country will survive. I highly recommend reading it.“

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