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“Reading the perspective of Michelle Robinson into Michelle Obama and so forth,has really given insight into how she became who she is to say.From her childhood,to Uni and into the work force it’s fascinating.Especially since she doesn’t hold herself back and orates how she really felt and currently feels about certain controversial topics of our day. Thanks for reading my review,hope you enjoy it😁“

“I am probably one of the few who waited this long to read this amazing book. I wish I had read it sooner! I have been a fan of the Obamas since the beginning, even more so now. “Becomingik” confirms everything I thought I knew and loved about them both. Michelle is the kind of woman I would like to be, and the friend I’d like to have. I am humbled and inspired!“

“This book is a total misrepresentation of the woman. She is a total racist, anti-America, hater. Read between the lines. So sad that so many were fooled by her and her husband’s total disdain for the country that put them at it’s pinnacle. Shameful!“

“Who really wrote this useless waste of paper?“

“Shameful worst 1st tranny lady“

“I could only read a sample of this, but I was very moved, even by the preface. The one thing that really stuck to me, which she wrote was why ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Is such a useless question. It really is, there’s no denying that fact.“

“She’s garbage. And so is the book. Don’t listen to what all the critics tell you. They’re obviously didn’t read it or are certifiably stupid.“

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