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“Sky’s a successful television reporter who never wanted to get into a relationship due to her abusive past. Colton is a professional football player who doesn’t give up easily. Colton and Sky were great together — I was rooting for them from the first chapter to the last, and I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.“


“By Melissa belle Freaking amazing! I got so sucked in to the story couldn’t put it down! Bookbub“

“I couldn’t get into or finish this book after multiple attempts. There was a lot of potential, seeing how the plot is great, but the main character makes me question how the hell she got on in life before running into Colton again. I’m not sure what bothers me more... The idea that a man swoops in and “saves” the barely functional woman, or her choice to be a victim rather than a survivor. The fact that I’ve read 80% of this story and can’t remember the character’s name, nor have it in me to power through to the end speaks volumes.“

“Well done. It’s really rare to have a heroine who so clearly struggles with significant anxiety and post traumatic stress AND a hero who lets her set the pace, doesn’t try to fix her damage or push her too far too fast. It makes for a wholesome and believable story. Colton and Skyler’s relationship has heat and romance, of course, but mostly it’s just two people who have been fond of each other for a long time and get a second chance. Some of the story may be triggering to those with histories of parental/partner abuse and/or alcohol abuse experiences. Clear verbal consent throughout.“

“Reading the description one would think this book had potential. Nope. Only reason why I finished was the tiny thread of hope it might get better. Childhood trauma was way overdone on both parts to the point that you think to yourself... Enough already! Free smut book, expectations are low however they weren't low enough.“

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