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“Runaway is a well written book about what a family will go through to save a member of their own. I felt this book was very well written and had a lot of twists and turns in the right directions. I often felt myself being so drawn into the story that I couldn’t wait to finish work and other priorities just so I could come back to it. This is a book that I felt could have been turned into a series... think about it. I’d love to read more.“

“Conan’s worst book, I am sorry to say. Too many characters, confusing plot, unbelievable secrets. Only made it to the end by skimming. Do not bother buying.“

“This was a great book. The story had many twists and ended so well. Kept me interested the whole time, I couldn’t put it down. Finished in one weekend. Will read more from this author.“

“Not what I would call a book with a lot of twist and turns, I expected some really exciting turn of events.“


“Waste of time, and the last time I will read this author, though I did enjoy some of his early, mostly humorous books. Cartoonish characters, preposterous plot, lame ending. Life is too short!“

“Once again Harlan Coben outdoes himself. Edge of your seat twists and turns make for a story that you must finish in record time. I am in awe of Mr. Coben,s imagination and his books are worth the wait till the next one is released!“

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