Verses for the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child PDF Download

Verses for the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child PDF Download

By: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Relase Date: 2018-12-31
Genre: Police Procedural, Mysteries & Thrillers

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“Normally great authors who lead you into suspense, carefully drawing you into a story, holding the door open to a tale you don’t want to put down. This time, the book reads like a typical murder mystery, nothing surprising or magical. I prefer their mystical writing style that is edgy, different, guides you into the unknown. This book deviates from their usual writing style. I guess it’s okay as a who done it.“

“Slow to start with plot and character development, but after Chapter 25, Agent Pendergast was front and center. I truly enjoy the Pendergast character and hope to read future books. Thank you.“

“I am used to a tiny thread leading to a deep mythic resonant mystery. Not this time. saintconstance“

“Good but didn’t like the ending.“

“It was such a good story. I thought this was one of the best reads yet. Thank you both!“

“I absolutely love Aloysius X. L. Pendergast! I’ve read the whole series multiple times! This book lacked the Aloysius quirks, inside his mind and also CONSTANCE! Other then that it was very well done! Great job to Preston and Child! I’m anxiously awaiting the next time I get to read a new Pendergast adventure!“

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