Normal People by Sally Rooney PDF Download

Normal People by Sally Rooney PDF Download

By: Sally Rooney
Relase Date: 2019-04-16
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary

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“It was a good read. I enjoyed the book. It kept me anticipating something around the corner. I felt like some big secret was still hidden, but never revealed.“

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“i finished the book in just two days i couldn’t put it down i enjoyed it much more than the show! just i would’ve expected the ending to be a bit more reassuring if you know what i mean. i like the book more in all just i enjoyed the ending in the tv series more. HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE A SEASON 2“

“I have to give Rooney credit in that I read this all in one sitting and couldn’t put it down for a second. The way she writes the main characters makes you feel as though you’re learning some secret gossip about the popular kids at your school, and it is addicting the whole way through. My problem is that the ending of the book feels without conclusion. It almost seems like Marianne and Connell’s story concludes years and years down the line, leading us to some greater lesson about love and friendship that happens long after the last page. Perhaps the author wanted us to fill in the conclusion ourselves, or perhaps that is just the way intensely passionate relationships end sometimes, but either way, it’s unsatisfying.“

“Not one for love stories but this one showed the complexities that come with an relationship“

“Accurate portrayal of young people in contemporary society and the affects romantic relationships can have. Characters so realistic you can completely understand their thought processes and feelings. Instant classic!“

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