Faking It by K. Bromberg PDF Download

Faking It by K. Bromberg PDF Download

By: K. Bromberg
Relase Date: 2019-01-08
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“OMGGG !!! Zane - sexy Aussie and arsehole but HOT Harlow - I love her !! This was an easy book for me to read it just flowed . Page after page of sexy , swoon and banter had me addicted to this book . I’ve read every book by this author and she never ceases to amazing me . Can’t wait to see what’s next ..“

“GASP* What starts as an accidental encounter, quickly changes into a crazy turn of events. Now don’t expect any spoilers here. These two now finding themselves In quite an interesting situation. There’s more at play than we know. Nothing harder than pretending to be something you’re not or is there? What if the truth hurts more. Zane oh my AUSSIE ANYONE? The sex appeal is off the charts. ( AUSTRALIAN enough said) He is the epitome of arrogance. Take no prisoner , and no apologies . Harlow our gourgous girl. She’s strong but she’s sweet , sassy and she is going to give Zane a taste of his own medicine. YES! OH YES theses two are something. This was such a great story. Sexy ,Steamy and I loved it. Definitely a favorite and must read!“

“When I saw the movie Driven on Passionflix, the movie made from the book by this author, I knew I had to read her stories STAT...
Faking It is the story of Zane and Harlow, a chance meeting, dueling personalities, a hotbed of lies and a fake relationship makes for a great story!
Harlow is a feisty gal! I loved her grit and her bravery.  I like her refreshing honesty. She is a model that is both beautiful outside and inside. I admired how she didn't kowtow to Zane's brashness and his cavalier attitude.  She also has a vulnerability that I could relate to and I am sure most other gals can too.
Zane, oh Zane...such an alphahole wrapped in a handsome face and a killer accent. (I can totally hear it in my head when I read this story.) His past has molded him to the man that he is today and it takes a special woman like Harlow to show him how his view on love is skewed. His cautious attitude about love could be his downfall.
The chemistry between Zane and Harlow is crazy hot and their tease game is on fire!! This story of their love is a slow burn and you are going to want to jump in the flames!
The secondary characters are worth stories of their own and I hope that Ms. Bromberg will gift us readers of their stories too!

“Harlow Nick is tired of arrogant jerks! So when she accidentally goes to the wrong office door for an interview she ends up meeting the one person she wants nothing to do with. The hottest but most aggravating Australian man she has ever met named Zane Phillips! Zane is the CEO of a new match making site ,SoulM8, but he has a little dilemma so when a gorgeous woman accidentally walks into his office he thinks he can get to know her and help his company at the same time...with a fake arrangement, but does that ever work out? Can Zane and Harlow stand each other long enough to both get what they want or will these opposites end up falling for each other in real life? “Where the temptation is hot as F&$k, the consequences are damning, and the sins are at your fingertips waiting to burn you.” This book was such a great enemies to lovers romantic comedy. Told in Dual POV! You’re going to fall in love with Zane Phillips!“

“After struggling through some hard times, all Harlow Nick's wants is to nail the interview for the job she so desperately wants. But when her day starts off with an encounter in the elevator with an arrogant and cocky Australian hottie, things unfortunately go down hill from there!! When Harlow accidentally knocks on the wrong door for the interview, she's immediately confronted with the sexy aussie from the elevator, who immediately assumes she's the dog walker for his dog Smudge!!! With a door slammed in her face, a dog in need of walking, and a broken heel, things just can't get any worse!! But her bad luck doesn't end there, being late for the interview derails her chances for the job. Although feeling defeated, she lets the arrogant Aussie know just what she thinks of him!! Zane Phillips is young and rich, and he's a major player, and even with that, he can't seem to get the gorgeous Harlow out of his mind. Feeling guilty about what happened days ago he tries to make up for her misfortune, but Harlow is not interested. But Zane is not to be deterred he's on the verge of his new business adventure, where he's the new CEO SOULM8 and the launch party is that evening which he invites her to attend. Zane is the last man on earth looking for love, and that puts him in a bind with one of the potential backers he has for the project. Robert has lost the love of his life, but believes in Zane and the project, Zane just has to pretend that he's found that special someone to prove to Robert to invest. When Harlow throws a wrench into those plans, all bets are off!!“

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