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“Interesting plot twist to find out the story from Duff’s point of view. Gives great insight into the mind of someone who is trained to be mindless. The story starts strong, gripping you to read on, then drags in the middle. I found myself wanting to skip sections related to the love story to get back to the drama/action. The final chapters are gripping and leave you wanting to download book 3 right away.“

“Meli Raine writes amazing trilogies. I am not sure if waiting after book one or book two for the next novel in the series. They all leave the reader gasping and hoping for more. Even when the trilogies are finished, readers are waiting for the next series. Rarely will you find sets like this or authors who provide them continuously without them getting repetitious or losing their effect. Lily has now opened up to Silas in so many ways and unwittingly this has put Silas at risk for his life, as well as hers. The deep state seems to have deeper secrets than anyone was aware of. It has also gotten their tentacles into some of the highest aspects of government. So who can any of them trust? Who is running the game? The president, someone higher? Are they aware of what is happening and the risk one of their own is in as is in the woman he has been instructed to protect? Too many questions that hopefully book three will help us, as readers, to answer. Another amazing read by an author that had mastered writing psychological thrillers as so few have. Rating: 5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.“

“Lily and Duff to the rescue? Book three will answer that.“

“Meli you have done it again. I like how we get to to know Duff more. All these men that work with Drew have a complicated history but fall hard for these women they are to protect. Duff wants Lily to trust him and tell him the truth. He finally confronts Lily and asks when is she going to tell him the truth. Lily doesn’t know if Duff is just trying to get closer to her to get information. She doesn’t know who she can trust.Somebody is still after her. She still acts like her memory has not returned. Romeo is still after her. He has gotten close to Lily’s parents to get information. Lily is falling for Duff. He has a past she wants to uncover. Again someone came after her and Jane. Duff and Lily let their guards down. Lily just insist to go for a climb when her and Duff where almost killed. Duff saves Lily and she saves him. Duff didn’t want her to see this side of him but it was either them or Duff and Lily. I was hoping Lily and Duff finally get together. Meli you leave us wanting more. This books has suspense, action and cliffhangers. Love this series. I love reading your books!“

“I love this series! Love to read Via Duffs POV! Can’t wait for the next book!“

“ANOTHER awesome one!!! This one is from Duff’s angle and you get to see things from his POV! Not only does it give a whole new spin on things, there are now more questions and more things to consider in the whole quest to find Lily’s shooter. It’s also shows the struggle he has with his feelings that are developing for Lily. It’s a struggle, as it was with the other couples, to figure out how to be both professional and think about their feelings as well! Can’t WAIT to read the final of the series and see things from all points of view!!!“

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