The Trouble with Cowboys by Victoria James PDF Download

The Trouble with Cowboys by Victoria James PDF Download

By: Victoria James
Relase Date: 2019-03-26
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“4.5 Stars This book features Ty and Lainey. I understand why Ty did and felt the way he did. The truth spoken with harsh words can change a man’s entire life, devastating far more than just himself. The chemistry between Ty and Lainey is undeniable. Her vow to herself was a little surprising. After she told him, I was shocked at his reaction and all the unforgivable cruelty he dished out. I was outraged on her behalf! The story does not end there though. This story line is smooth flowing. The characters truly fit their parts. I do believe that the lesson learned throughout this entire book was about forgiveness and each were heartfelt lessons. Fantastic!“

“Lainey has endured more loss than any 25yr old should. After losing her grandma, the only one who ever cared and loved her, Lainey vowed to keep Tilley’s diner open. In doing that, she had to give up her dreams of becoming an artist and attending art school in Italy. Lainey then loses her mom to cancer. With bills piling up, she’s at wits end. Then, in walks Ty...her childhood crush. After leaving abruptly eight years ago, Ty returns home. His father has had a stroke and needs help running the ranch. Ty never wanted to leave and always believed he would live his life working the ranch next to his dad, until his mom dies. Hateful words and secrets were revealed causing Ty to leave. But he always knew he’d return. Although he didn’t think his former friends would treat him so harshly. Stopping at Tilley’s before going to see his dad, he reconnects with an all grown up Lainey. I loved the smoldering chemistry between Lainey and Ty. So hot they couldn’t their hands off each other. Lainey’s honesty, faith, and ability to speak her mind was absolutely refreshing. Lainey was one of the few who took the time to really look at and see the “real” Ty. She was able to slowly knock down the walls he built and get him to realize he was worthy of love. I loved Ty’s support of Lainey’s dream, his loyalty, and his sense of family. Their witty banter had me laughing out loud! I can’t wait to read Dean and Cade’s stories! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.“

“I loved this story! This book was my introduction to Ms. James’ writing and I loved it. Tyler is sexy, troubled and lost and Lainey is sweet, tough and lonely. These two were the perfect couple because Tyler was able to get Lainey to open up an show her that she’s beautiful and important. While Lainey was able to get Tyler to open his eyes and see what he has in front of him. The story was heartbreaking, hopeful, sexy and funny at times. Can’t wait to read the next book!!“

“I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it. OMGosh!!! I just loved this book. Ms. James is a great author. I have adored all of her books. This one is no different. You can just FEEL the emotions that these characters feel throughout the story. There are highs and lows and you ride that roller-coaster with them. The pain that the characters felt will just grip you in such a way that you will not be able to put this book down. I was enraptured right from the beginning. I was so very sorry to see this one end. There are some pretty great secondary characters here so I hope that there is more to this little town to come. This book was written in a dual POV format. I love that. Getting into the characters' mind and see their view point is so helpful in understanding what they are going through. Lainey and Tyler have each suffered in the past and to see their inner thoughts and reasons is wonderful. I highly recommend this wonderful story to anyone.“

“I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the story of Tyler “The Prodigal Cowboy” and his return to Wishing River. Tyler has to get over a lot of huddles from his past that caused him to abruptly leave town for 8 years. He has fences to mend on the ranch, with his father and with his best friends Dean and Cade. Lainey is a strong independent woman that has been infatuated with Tyler since high school. She can’t help falling in love with this cowboy despite the warning Grandma Tilley always gave her about Cowboys being nothing but trouble. Victoria James wrote a wonderful book with just enough heat. I like the fact that she gave Lainey such high morals and brought the topic of church and beliefs into the story without making it too “preachy”.“

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