Sir Loin Of Beef by Vanessa Vale PDF Download

Sir Loin Of Beef by Vanessa Vale PDF Download

By: Vanessa Vale
Relase Date: 2018-10-11
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Landon (Duke) and Jed have finally found the One, Kaitlyn, but unfortunately Landon has created a bad situation with her after learning her drunk father is the one who almost killed his parents. He said a lot of things out of hurt and anger and later came to regret his words. He had to try to get her to forgive him so that they can all be together. The sexual tension between the three of them is overwhelming and their interaction is very erotic. The book is well written and a great read. I would highly recommend this book and this appears to be the start of another great series. Love the book cover.“

“Sir Loin of Beef is book one in Ms. Vale’s new Grade A Beefcakes Series. This book is centered around the Duke family of Montana. For me, this book hits all the points of an erotic, western romance. I love Ms. Vale’s series because, she always has a way of introducing new characters and bringing back old characters, with always a new plot tied into, and mixed in and carried on from an old plot. I also love the play on names from the titles of each book in the series that’s tied to what I call the main hero’s nickname. Ms. Vale has a way of giving rough and tough cowboys humor mixed with sexiness. I eally love a book that has he hero’s point of view as well as the heroine’s because, it gives the hero as strong a presence has the heroine’s and somehow, Ms. Vale really con pull this off. Kaitlyn Leary was the only child of the Dukes’ dead nemesis. She’s beautiful, smart and shy. I like Kaitlyn right off because, she didn’t play games, she wanted Landon and Jeb. She was attracted to them, and she let the bulls fall were they may. Landon Duke, ex rodeo champion turned construction company owner was tired of the “buckle bunnies’ of the rodeo circuit. He was ready to settle down with “the one” for him and hs best friend, Jeb. Landon or Duke, or Sir Loin of Beef as they call him is a tomboy through and through. He’s a bit of a hot head, but he gets his woman. The cute thing that I noticed about Landon is that every time he took a cool drink of something other than water, it was always soda. Jeb Cassidy enjoyed his time working the rodeo circuit, buy owning “Cassidy’s” bar and grill was his choice along with settling down and having a family. Jeb is a dirty talking, sexy mountain of muscle and, Jeb does have a strong presence. I rated this book five stars out of five. Ms.. Vale makes me want to go back and look at all the old cowboy movies I use to watch. She makes cowboys look good.“

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