Securing Zoey by Susan Stoker PDF Download

Securing Zoey by Susan Stoker PDF Download

By: Susan Stoker
Relase Date: 2020-01-14
Genre: Suspense, Romance

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“Zoey went to high school with Mark “Bubba” Wright and crushed on him big time. He never asked her out and then left Juneau right after graduation to become a SEAL. About 10 years later, they meet again on a charter flight back home for Bubba’s father’s funeral. When they are left stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, they have only each other, and whatever Bubba has stashed in his myriad of pockets. This leads to the adventure of a lifetime—the fight for their lives. A lovely and giving woman, a seasoned and gorgeous SEAL, and a connection both instant and deep make for an edge of your seat romance.“

“Another fantastic read by Susan Stoker that leads on an epic reunion and a “who did it” theme! I adored these characters and I didn’t see that end coming. I also loved getting more glimpses of Phantom and now I am anxious for the next one in the series! Well done!“

“This is Zoey and Bubbas story. This story has so many zigs and zags, that it WILL keep you on the edge of your seat! You will NOT be able to put it down until your finished. Then you will cry and moan because it is finished. I’m this story not only is mark/Bubba a Navy Seal, but he also has a twin brother. They grew up in a small town in Alaska. That’s where he met Zoey, who as soon as she and her mom moved there, tried to get Mark to notice her by dating his brother. There is a plane crash... A jungle rescue... A stalker/killer... A HUGE zig zag that comes out of freaking NOWHERE...ok, you see it coming...kinda. You also think, nahhhhh, Susan Stoker would NEVER do that...oh yeah she did. Bwahahahahahaha You so HAVE to read this book!!! This story is completely, 100%, totally Amazing!!! The lead into Rex’s story... O. M. G. I am speechless with where she left me. I am So excited for this story and the rest of this amazing series!!!“

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