The Bedroom Experiment by Kendall Ryan PDF Download

The Bedroom Experiment by Kendall Ryan PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Relase Date: 2020-02-11
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Like it but way to short for the cost of the book.“

“It only took me 30 or less minutes to read! Could have made this book a lot longer.great story but too short“

“This novella is part of a series about hockey players, and despite not having read the two books published before this one, I can definitively say that it truly does stand alone. Since much of the story happens away from the characters who show up in all the books, I did not feel at a disadvantage for not having knowledge of what happened chronologically immediately before this story takes place. This is a very short story and as a result, the relationship between the hero and heroine evolves quickly. We learn that they had both harbored an attraction to the other, and as a result, the hero had avoided spending time at home to avoid anything inappropriate from happening with his brand new step-sister. His father asks that he come home for a weekend while he and her mother are away so that she isn’t alone at home. The heroine is now a college student and the hero a professional hockey player. I enjoyed reading as their relationship evolves from there to their happily ever after. It was sweet and quick and the barriers to their relationship turn out to be much less than they feared. If anything, I regret that it all happens so quickly. I liked these characters, but we never get to know them as well when their story takes place in a novella. I definitely recommend giving this book a try. I don’t believe that you will regret it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.“

“A sweet taboo read, this quick romance read did not disappoint. I enjoyed the heat factor that happened between Morgan and his step sister Isla. It was a fun storyline with a sweetness I was not expecting but loved. This was a great addition to the series that’s a must read for fans of sport romance.“

“When Morgan goes home to keep an eye on his step sister he tries to not notice how she has grown up. Isla is in college and is heartbroken after a break up. When she asks Morgan for some help he can’t resist. Great novella set in the Hot Jocks world. A great take on the stepbrother trope. A quick steamy read. The series is best when you have read all the books. The series is a great read.“

“This was a great quick read. I loved it because it was a breath of fresh air before I dive into another long read.“

“My gosh this was steamy“

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