Walk the Wire by David Baldacci PDF Download

Walk the Wire by David Baldacci PDF Download

By: David Baldacci
Relase Date: 2020-04-21
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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“Thanks for the reviews. Although desperate for a good book, I’ll take a bye on this one.“

“Wasn't my favorite!!!! Everything seemed too elementary and predictable.“

“Two separate groups , Amos Decker and Will Robbie unexpectedly meet in a mix of murders and international intrigue. One protects the other as they solve two separate connected cases. Good story lines. Got confused at times with all the character names intertwined. If bored at times, keep reading, it all comes out at the end.“

“Or the draft of a really bad screenplay. The story is so so. What really got to me was the writing. Too many “she glanced sharply at him”, “she gasped”, and much worse in between. I refuse to believe David Baldacci is the actual author of this book. I’ve loved every book in that series up til now. But I don’t think I’ll continue.“

“This book kept me wondering until the end!“

“An absurd plot made even worse by too many characters, too many murders, too many impossible escapes and numerous implausible scenarios. Total mishmash. A real bore.“

“Was really looking forward to another Memory Man book, but he barely used his “superpowers “. Confusing plot, Jamison is a dimwit bulb and Robie and Reel pop in out of nowhere to save their butts. Loved the first memory man book but couldn’t finish this one, sorry to say.“

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