Relationship Goals by Michael Todd PDF Download

Relationship Goals by Michael Todd PDF Download

By: Michael Todd
Relase Date: 2020-04-28
Genre: Christianity, Religion & Spirituality

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“The best book I’ve ever read. Thank you for pouring into our lives, Pastor Nathalie and Michael Todd! ✨“

“In this book Pastor Mike tells you how it is. Growing up in a Christian home and Christian School I never ever heard anything close to what he talks about. Things that I know God would need people to hear. Thank you Pastor Mike, as a kid from an abusive household, one divorce and other relationships on the rocks it the medicine the Lord prescribed! I say get ready because he GIVES you a lot of good lessons and tools for life but YOU have to WORK for your purpose God has!🙏🏼🙌🏼✝️💜 Amazing read, if you aren’t a normal reader I suggest colorful highlighters to help keep you focused. Mine already has A TON of highlighter marks and I’m only 50 pages in.“

“Mike Todd does a great job of painting the picture of the structure of relationship in God’s eyes. As well as the sub topics that go with them . For me I found it easy and digestible. A fun read that wasn’t boring because the words have so much flavor. There was joy had in writing this book and it can be felt through the pages!“

“Mike Todd did an amazing job of showing us that we can have REAL relationship goals!“

“This book and the sermons have definitely helped me with a lot in life, currently working to reconcile with my wife after being separated for over 2 years, taking things slow and easing in but now I feel like I have a set of guidelines to go by so that I don’t repeat the same mistakes. Thank you so much Pastor Mike Jaime -Houston, TX“

“This book is not like most relationship books by Pastors. This book is written by someone who has been where you are and helping you get what you want. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for healthier relationships in life.“

“I bought his book and it is the best ever!!! Whether you’re single, dating, married, divorced, young, old, somewhere in between, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!!“

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