Fair Warning by Michael Connelly PDF Download

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly PDF Download

By: Michael Connelly
Relase Date: 2020-05-26
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Police Procedural

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“Of all of Michael Connelly’y characters I dislike Jack McEvoy the most. I’ll speak to the character here, not the author. Some may laud his journalistic zeal, but I think he’s single minded and selfish. His desire to be first in line in actuality perpetuates the negatives with journalists today. His quote “I’m the press, I have a right to be here” shows just how out of touch he is. He feels his rights usurp common sense, and this is why I don’t like him. I’m going to go into a soliloquy here, but in his love live, again his stupidity comes to the forefront. Let me just say that he deserves to be alone. Michelle could do better! Good story, but frustrating character to follow.“

“Another great book by Michael Connelly, excellent writing, storyline and in-depth understanding of the facts referred to in the story. Buy it!“

“Another outstanding book by this author! I’ve read every book written by this author, and am never disappointed. I learned a lot about DNA analysis that I didn’t know, and have always believed that that industry should be closely monitored and tracked by federal regulators. My only criticism is that some of Jack’s dialogue with his reporter colleagues sounded like high school newspaper writers arguing about bylines. Not the same Jack in The Poet and Scarecrow. Hope Jack and Rachel will become an investigative team in future books and Jack will mature and stop his self defeating behaviors. I read this in a few hours because I couldn’t wait to see if the monster Shrike would be stopped.“

“I’m a long time Michael Connelly fan, but Fair Warning isn’t up to par.“

“4.5/5 Stars Interesting plot with clever twists. Interesting characters. I look forward to the sequel. Hal R“

“It’s great to see Mr Connelly back to the top of his game with another great Jack McEvoy book. I love the Bosh series of books but felt the writing was getting tired and retreaded. It goes to show fans how talented Connelly is with fresh material and characters. More McEvoy and less Bosh unless you can freshened him up!“

“I usually really enjoy this author’s work, but I finally quit near the halfway point. This book literally reads like a petty rant against DNA privacy laws with virtually NOTHING happening beyond a reporter running around asking questions with little purpose other than to give the author a soapbox. A $1.99 price would still have left me feeling cheated out of a dollar.“

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