Fair Warning by Michael Connelly PDF Download

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly PDF Download

By: Michael Connelly
Relase Date: 2020-05-26
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Police Procedural

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“It’s great to see Mr Connelly back to the top of his game with another great Jack McEvoy book. I love the Bosh series of books but felt the writing was getting tired and retreaded. It goes to show fans how talented Connelly is with fresh material and characters. More McEvoy and less Bosh unless you can freshened him up!“

“I usually really enjoy this author’s work, but I finally quit near the halfway point. This book literally reads like a petty rant against DNA privacy laws with virtually NOTHING happening beyond a reporter running around asking questions with little purpose other than to give the author a soapbox. A $1.99 price would still have left me feeling cheated out of a dollar.“

“Great read....consistent with Michael Connolly books?“

“It was great reading about Jack McEnoy again. Loved the story ... DNA is fascinating. Another great Michael Connelly book!“

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