Greyhound (Movie Tie-In) by C. S. Forester PDF Download

Greyhound (Movie Tie-In) by C. S. Forester PDF Download

By: C. S. Forester
Relase Date: 2018-10-02
Genre: Fiction & Literature,

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“Beautiful cinematography, great acting all around. I could feel the emotion when decisions had to be made. Wonderful story telling about a determined generation of hero’s.“

“I wish I had “sampled” this book before purchasing it. I’m an avid reader of all kinds of books, however, this one is close to unreadable.“

“Excellent filmmaking with tight editing and convincing action. You really get a feel of what it was like on the bridge of a destroyer in World War II somewhere in the frigid north Atlantic. Exciting stuff.“

“Greyhound isn’t a bad movie but it’s not a very good one either. My dad served on Fletcher class destroyers in the Navy, I’m a history buff and a big Tom Hanks fan so this should have been a slam dunk. The action sequences are well done, the special effects are convincing so that part of the movie - which is about 80% of the total - is compelling and entertaining. On the other hand, the Greyhound DESPERATELY needs another 15 minutes of character development for Tom Hanks’ character and the other key cast members. There’s an undercurrent that SOMETHING is going on with Hanks’ character, there’s some tension with the crew, but the movie never gives you any hint of what it is. Unlike Saving Private Ryan, you don’t get any sense of who this guy is or what’s driving him so he comes across as distant and troubled by something. The same is true with the truly perfunctory opening scene with his girlfriend. I wasn’t sure until the end of the scene if Elizabeth Shue’s character was his sister, ex-wife or his mother’s uncle’s third cousin. It could have been a really good movie but the lack of character development mostly left me thinking about how much better it should have been.“

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