This Love Hurts by W. Winters PDF Download

This Love Hurts by W. Winters PDF Download

By: W. Winters
Relase Date: 2020-07-14
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Willow, oh Willow! You left me (us) with a cliff hanger??? Again??? I HATE cliffhangers!!! Now, I’ll admit part 1 had me a little iffy o this story, but this part, part 2, sucked me in and now I’m left wanting more! I’m not gonna tell you anything about this book and potentially ruin something for you. Just know this is part 2 and it does not end... there is for sure at least a part 3.“

“I know we all want to know who Marcus is, but this story is more than finding out who the man in the shadows is. If you have read the other books in this world, you have all heard of the man in the shadows. However, you do not need to read them to understand this story. It can completely stand on its own. Willow has had me interested in Marcus’s story since the beginning, and I am so glad to have finally read it. She weaves a tale of two men and the one woman they want. Willow grabs your attention with the way she writes. She knows how to hook the reader and keep them hooked. She will leave you always wanting more. There is drama, secrets, quite a bit of suspense, some oh my moments and twists and turns. You will have a different type of feels with this story. Your heart will be pounding reading what unfolds on the pages. I was stuck on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. “I’m not the one who changed things. What happens next is his fault, his doing. Not mine.” “To love is never wrong.”“

“OMG I wasn’t sure where to start my review because I didn’t want to give away any spoilers. So I will just say Willow is a master in her craft. She has me on the edge of my seat. My fingers were not able to turn the pages fast enough lol. We are finally getting a better look into the lives/past of the next crew of main charters that is Marcus, Cody and Delilah.“

“OMG. I hope this series never ends. It’s that awesome! This is the second book in Marcus’ story. The triangle between Cody, Delilah and Marcus begins to heat up in this book, but the mystery surrounding who Marcus is what makes this book so exciting to read. Marcus is elusive but watches over Delilah, so we’re left to wonder what their connection is to each other, as well as the exact connection of Cody to Marcus. The heat in this book comes from the mystery behind Marcus and the indescribable pull between Delilah and Marcus. I can’t wait for the next book! I highly recommend reading the entires series, starting at the beginning of the Merciless World. Willow is a master at connecting the characters of each book in the series, and making each character’s story one you can’t put down!“

“I had built up Marcus (and even Cody) so much in my head, I was honestly a bit worried he wouldn’t live up to my expectations, that Willow wouldn’t be able to do him justice.. boy was I wrong! It was almost impossible to stop reading once I began. This book was everything I expected and so much more. I’m such a sucker for a good anti-hero and he definitely takes the cake! Can’t wait to see what Willow thinks up next. Readdddd this book world! It’s too amazing to pass up.“

“Another marvelous read by the amazing Willow Winters. Truly another interesting from the author. “This Love Hurts” is about, without giving anything away, Delilah whose a lawyer and Cody an officer on the good side of the law, then there’s Marcus a criminal who is mysteriously interesting. The character dynamics in this novel are spectacular. I loved the differences between Cody and Marcus, I thought they were intriguing in their own right. The plot was masterfully written, something I always get with Winters’ novels and This Love Hurts certainly didn’t disappoint. But wait for more this is just the beginning.“

“Marcus is still lurking in the shadows but soon we will know more. Delilah knows someone is following her. As a prosecutor she meets a lot of unsavory people. However, one case might just lead her in some trouble of her own. Someone is threatening her but who? Marcus is a powerful man, a murderer, a ghost, but no one truly knows the real man. When he sets his sights on Delilah there is no where she can turn. What does he really want from her? Is he a friend or foe? A great beginning to this dark suspense trilogy. I can’t wait to find out about Marcus as this is more from Deliah’s POV along with officer Cody’s POV. You will know of Cody and Marcus from prior books but this can be read as a new standalone series. We’re finally going to get to meet Marcus and I couldn’t be happier to see what happens.“

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