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“Who knows woody better than woody? Imagine if Jesus wrote a tell all book and was excoriated by the me too son of Sinatra ? Mia’s mea culpa is to not let go and move on. Don’t let one man imprison you. Woody is a great American story and his should be told the master.“

“I am astonished at how badly-written this book is. I’ve read Allen's writing before, and thought he was a decent-enough writer, but his attempt at a memoir is terrible. First of all, the very first line has an obscure reference to Holden Caulfield. Does he not realize that Catcher in the Rye is not the touchstone it once was? Or is Allen's inability to see the changes in the world one of the reasons his last number of movies have been terrible? The book could have used a strong editor, or an editor at all. Some sentences are so labored and confusing that they have to be read a number of times to be understood. And his writing is just…bad. Perhaps age has diminished his writing ability or his ability to form coherent sentences, and his vanity prevented him from seeking an editor who could have corralled it into a wonderful book. This ain't it. I’m very disappointed.“

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