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“I had been waiting for this book and it did not disappoint. Love the way this story came together and all the ups and downs.“

“Elle Kennedy is back to deliver her last book in the Briar U series! In The Dare we follow Conor Edwards, a member of the Briar U hockey team who we met in the previous book of the series. Conor has been shown as a big ladies man, always hooking up with different girls and being the talk of the campus because of it. His reputation definitely precedes him when it comes to the ladies. Much to the point where he feels he's basically became more of a conquest to them than an actual person. And he's getting pretty bored of it all. Enter Taylor Marsh - a sorority girl with a major case of body insecurities. Her fuller figure makes her stand out amongst the other girls around and some of the girls in her sorority don't let her forget it, always finding a way to humiliate her. Which is why they dare her to seduce the notorious Conor Edwards - because why would a gorgeous guy like him even give her the time of the day? But to everyone's surprise, one dare turns into something neither Conor nor Taylor ever expected - love. I went into this with low expectations. Sad to say, but overall this spin off series hasn't really lived up to it's predecessor - the Off Campus series. Especially the last book was a big let down for me. However, this book was big step up from that and I genuinely did enjoy it. This gave me the same feelings I got while reading The Risk and Off Campus. I think this is one of the better books in this series. It really surprised me. First of all, I didn't expect Conor to be so sweet. I kinda expected him to be a sort of Dean clone. More cockiness in his personality than anything else. But in reality he was just very misunderstood, struggling to find who he was in the world, and full with so much love to give. He was the perfect guy for Taylor, no doubt about it. He loved her unconditionally with all her faults and despite her insecurities which he could not see at all. To him, Taylor Marsh is his perfect match. I loved him for being a great guy and always doing the right thing in the end and supporting/loving Taylor through everything she goes through in this story. Which brings me to talk about Taylor. It's crazy how much I could relate to her. Being a bigger girl myself, I could totally see where she was coming from on a bunch of things. Not wanting to show off her body by her clothing choices, getting fat shamed, and not thinking you're good enough to be with a good looking guy...the list goes on. I liked the journey she went on in this. From letting the mean girls get to her, to in the end being fed up with it and standing up for herself. And with the help of her friends and Conor, she's learning to accept herself the way she is - that she is beautiful and desirable and is worthy of Conor's affections. In the end, she and Conor made one another better people. They both had issues of not thinking the other was good enough for each other. Conor with his identity crisis because of actions/choices he made in the past and Taylor because of her insecurities. I liked how they were both dealing with the same things, just in different ways. And sadly these things did tear them apart more than once in the story (which is why I deducted a star), but they did find their way back to one another. Overall, it was a wonderful love story between them. So, what should you expect? - Fake Dating - Friends To Lovers - Curvy Heroine - Ladies Man with a Heart Of Gold Also TW for: body/fat shaming & body insecurities. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, don't hesitate to pick this one up!“

“I love everything by Elle. They’re easy reads and so addicting. I always catch myself staying up until 2 AM because I can’t stop. I’ve read the entire Briar U and Off Campus series and I can never get enough. This one is no exception to that. Congrats on another amazing release, Elle ♡“

“I really like the book so far, but the amount of skinny shaming really hurts. People need to realize that being skinny isn’t much of a choice and reading books and seeing all these curvy women being thirsted over by guys makes us really insecure. At one point the author wrote in Conor’s perspective, “Women are supposed to be soft and curvy and squeezable” like women aren’t SUPPOSED to be anything I thought“

“Couldn’t stop reading this as soon as I started! This is by far one of my favorite series! I cannot wait to see what else Elle Kennedy has in store!!“

“I did so enjoy this read; story was good and realistic. That’s why I really love this book! Also, the characters are funny with real issues. Thank you!“

“So sad this is the end ;( loved the book. Connor and Taylor are so sweet. The interactions with Con’s roommates were some of the funniest. And the whole thing with coach as my favorite! Just had a big smile on my face reading about it.. especially since he was in every book. Anyway, Connor gave me Dean and Tucker vibes, he was so sweet with Taylor!! Thank you Elle for creating this amazing universe ❤️“

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