Threat Bias by Christopher Rosow PDF Download

Threat Bias by Christopher Rosow PDF Download

By: Christopher Rosow
Relase Date: 2020-04-27
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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“A very well constructed plot with continued emphasis on characters and their interactions.“

“Even better written than the first one...but this one wasn’t quite the page turner that the first one was. So much was so implausible. Still very entertaining! Highly recommend!“

“Well written, fast paced page burner with interesting characters. Very good read“

“Could not put down the first novel, False Assurances. While I enjoyed this one, it was a slower start. Loved the development of the characters, the storyline, etc,. Don’t understand how Zimmerman went over his chain of command either. But every book needs a Zimmerman!“

“WOW - Loved this book ...character development and the continuity from book one False Assurances made my day. I want more Ben Porter!“

“Rush Limbaugh talked about this book on his radio show and said he could not put it down. That was all I needed to order it. I could not put it down either....Great plot line and characters made this book a fabulous read. I downloaded the next book and cannot wait for more.“

“What an extraordinary plot. The prologue was amazing and sets the scene for the action and further character development from the first book. I love Ben Porter and can see him on TV or in the movies. The perfect person to play him is Michael Weatherly of NCIS and Bull. He is the personification of Ben Porter. You will not put this book down; I didn’t. Hey Rosow, when is book 3 coming?“

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