Vision In White by Nora Roberts PDF Download

Vision In White by Nora Roberts PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Relase Date: 2009-04-28
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“I have want to read this series for a while and I have had this book on my e-reader for a year. I have attempted to read it and can never get into it. Really slow,I finally read the last chapter and I found it no different that the first part of the book. I love Nora Robert and have most of her books, but this one is like someone else store it.“

“A fun romantic read. Love the books.“

“I really liked the book, the characters were very down to earth, not overly done like in other novels where the male lead is a powerful and strong alpha male, or the girl is this incredible vision of perfection and beauty, and I really appreciated it. But I felt that it ended very quick, like now to find out more about them I have to read, I think Emma's story, but Mac and carter are not the center of attention anymore. I just felt that I didn't get my happy happy ending... But we'll see what happens, I suppose, on the next books.“

“Anyone who gives this series less than a three either wants their romance books to be erotica or fluff. I like my romance to have a story. The person who said she got bored on the first chapter didn't get far enough in. This whole series keeps the storyline of four girls thriving in their own business and combining them to make something even better. It is a story of childhood friends who are family and support each other. Frankly, we need more romance stories where the women are in business, ballsy and settle nothing less than a partner who calls their VS and challenges them to be better. I love the men in this series too. They aren't pushovers or lovesick fools. What I like best is that with each new book, you continue to get the progression of relationships from the previous novel. I appreciate the "real"ness of her characters and the real problems they face. I am tired of seeing the @seduced by millionaire plot line or the woman who returns to hometown to be rescued by a man. Roberts keeps the relationship a partnership. Try Chesapeake Bay Quartet, Dream Trilogy and this whole Bride Series. Lastly, I find it great that the game lured someone back into reading. It intrigued me enough (they made a computer game to go with a romance book?) to go find the game. It is a seek and find kind of a game and it bored me but only because I am not a gamer, as a mom, I barely have time to read so each his own.“

“This is the second series of Nora Roberts' that I have read. I get so caught up in the story every time. Every Carter would say something cute, I would stop reading and think to myself where is this guy in real life? Nora Roberts knows how to capture your heart in the form of a book. I really do recommend this book because you won't regret it!!!! :)“

“Nora Roberts has so many good reviews, I had to see what she was about. This is the third and final book I will ever try to read from her again. The first one was wordy, and terrible. The second one I forced myself to keep reading and after being halfway done I couldn't take it anymore and gave up. This one I didn't make it through chapter 2. So boring. Too many details about uninteresting stuff. I love a good romance novel, unfortunately Nora just doesn't know how to write one.“

“Soo cute! Loved all four books (:“

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