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“It's great. This one is a page turner. Even though I can guess who did the deed since the beginning as I think Mr. Connelly left us some clues, it's still very entertaining to see when they all came together.“

“Disappointed. Have loved all of Connolly's books. This one left me cold.“

“I have read them all in order, and while I am a big fan of harry's, this one was just really weak. Disappointing plot, shallow characters.... Hope Connelly isn't running out of steam....“

“Connelly once again transports you into the streets of LA and the mind of Harry Bosch. This time in a race against terrorists and time where nothing is as it seems. He delivers as usual in this tightly wound mystery.“

“Very good. Connelly is a master....Harry Bosch is an amazing character, worth every penny..“

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