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“I'm not impressed. Maybe it's because I'm bias as Harry is not the main character so this is just my opinion. I can't wait to go back to read the next Harry Bosch series.“

“Beautifully constructed. A thrilling book from start to finish. A jigsaw puzzle unfolding filled with suspense and surprises until the end. I envy all new readers. Be prepared for late nights as you won't want to put this down. Just fantastic.“

“I watched the movie The Lincoln Lawyer - with Matthew McConaughey - and loved it. When I bought THIS book, I was not aware that it is part of a series of books a out that same lawyer. The book exceeded my expectations: it is so well-written, so riveting, the plot twisting and turning ... I am most definitely going to get some more of mr Connelly' s books!! Worth every penny!!!“

“I am waiting for the next one!“

“I started reading this a few months ago and actually stopped less than a quarter of the way in (took me awhile to get used to reading on an iPad instead of hard copy, and as a college student, I also found it difficult to read for pleasure). But I picked it up today, where I left off, and finished the book in less than a day. As Mick neared the end of the search for the killer, I felt a sense of fear within myself. Not knowing who could be trusted (other than Harry, of course), I felt as though I was looking over my own shoulder. Simply a brilliantly crafted tale, and I can't wait to check out the next installment!“

“Was a great read. Well worth it.“

“I always love the Lincoln lawyer books by Connelly. Maybe all the complications stretch things a little, but great fun.“

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