The Black Echo by Michael Connelly PDF Download

The Black Echo by Michael Connelly PDF Download

By: Michael Connelly
Relase Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: Police Procedural, Mysteries & Thrillers

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“I had seen Michael Connelly's books on the bookshelf for so long but I had never picked it up. It's truely my loss. I watched Bosch as TV series and I was so hooked to this character and the story that I though it would be best to start reading Harry Bosch series from the beginning. That's a great decision as this book is so good you just can't put it down.“

“First chapter is 86 pages long. Realy anoying.“

“Another excellent Connelly book. He is one of the best mystery writers. It is difficult to put his books down. Very fast reads. I only have 2 left to read and will wait impatiently for his next book.“

“Excellent read, good twists. This book will keep you up late at night reading what Harry is doing next. Can't wait to read the next Novel.“

“Very good read. Characters stay with you. I enjoyed this story very much. Can't wait to read more about Det. Bosch.“

“Bought on iBook cause I was down to a few $$$$ on my account. Man am I glad I did. Real page turner from the get go. Ending well disguised until close to finishing. Have to check and see if some of Connelly's older books and Harry are on sale. If you like detective books this is for you.“

“Move over James Patterson, you've just been replaced as the No. 1 mystery writer.“

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