The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell PDF Download

The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell PDF Download

By: Patricia Cornwell
Relase Date: 2009-10-20
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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“Total waste of 10 dollars. Patricia Cornwell used to be my favorite author, but I am officially done with giving her books second chances. I will not be buying Red Mist.“

“As a long time reader of the Scarpetta series I have enjoyed the exploits of the heroines and the criminals for years. Over the course of the last two books I have been disappointed in the failure of the characters to find a pace consistent with their stage of life. Particularly in The Scarpetta Factor I was ready to stop reading if subjected to another dialogue of paint analysis or description of rugs in a mansion. Maybe it's time for a human monster that has more character development than has been devoted to the Dodies and the Hannahs of this tome. I was left with the impression that Kay is becoming senile in the last two chapters of this book as she wanders into her building. Where is the indignation she previously had when sloppy procedures were observed? I am left wanting more from what is billed s a great forensic mind. My estimation of this book is that it brings in current sociological issues and throws them into the mix without providing an interesting structure to build the plot. Every character in my final review is miserable in some emotional context, is self absorbed to the point that they would not be able to function in the professional positions, and would not be able to capture anything beyond my fleeting interest because of their dour obsessions with their own issues. This work could be boiled down to crucial matters into a magazine article rather than a book. My next Scarpetta book will not be purchased but might be checked out from the library if reviews are solid. I am glad that this was an e-book purchase for me so that I don't have to feel wasteful of paper. I know that characters may sometimes fade after a decade in print, but these characters are becoming distasteful to me. Let them die out if they are not passionate about life and other people again. I would tale them off my Christmas card list if they cannot reach out to others for a better quality of life, maybe send Lucy to jail for hacking since that is illegal and doesn't create the suspense anymore of being crime fighters. I am so sorry it has fizzled to this as if it is now more ash than dynamite. Using the terms without setting a stage is not enough for me in this tome.“

“Terrific book as always. Loved every bit of it a must read for Scarpetta fans“

“Great book, but I would expect nothing less. Great author.“

“I thought this was a better read than some of the latest ones. Old faces, good drama, good balance of story and character building.“

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