Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert PDF Download

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert PDF Download

By: Elizabeth Gilbert
Relase Date: 2010-01-05
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction

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“I loved Eat Pray Love so I thought this would be equally as moving, enjoying, and entertaining. Nothing could be further from the truth. She went on and on, ad nauseam, and took FOREVER to get to her point. Plus she introduced her brand of politics, which I found unecessary and offensive, despite whether or not I agree with her. Eat Pray Love was a masterpiece and she deserved all the accolades. This book wasn’t worth my time or money. I’ll be deleting it from my iTunes library and read the aforementioned book again.“

“This is not Eat, Pray, Love. It's not comprised of hundreds of small stories woven into one coherent tale (although there are some great one thrown in). Just like the title says, it's the author's attempt to reconcile with the idea of marriage. If you, too, are in that boat you will find this to be an immensely rewarding read. Some reviewers didn't like all of the "history" the author included in the book...but in my opinion the history was the best part. For someone like me trying to sort out my feelings about marriage, I wanted more than Elizabeth Gilbert's musings on the subject. I appreciated getting perspectives from different cultures and time periods. Overall, a wonderful read that has motivated me (as a young person in a committed relationship moving towards marriage) to stop and truly think about what that next step means.“

“Some people are so smitten they'll endure just about anything and everything for love. Gilbert shares her true romantic story- one that seems both fantastical and totally unbelievable. Impressive woman; lucky husband. Solid author.“

“الكاتبة صريحه جداً في اغلب الحالات. كلنا نعرف ان الزواج حسب ماي نظر اليه وحسب كل مجتمع وكل أعراف ولكنا تتشابه كلها في استغلال الإناث. الزواج ختم الحب وليس استعباد أمراءه.“

“I wouldn't describe this book as a novel, more of an anthropological look at marriage. If you're interested in learning about religion and marriage in different cultures, this might be the book for you, but I wanted more of a personal story.“

“I loved her other books but this one was too wordy. Too long winded.“

“I have read this book three times now. It is a must read for anyone considering marriage, full of thought and honesty.“

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