White Noise by Don DeLillo PDF Download

White Noise by Don DeLillo PDF Download

By: Don DeLillo
Relase Date: 1985-01-21
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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“Way too many unnecessary parts in this book which cause the plot to be long and boring.“

“Brilliant writing. But dead. DeLillo writes characters as though he hoped never to have to meet or know any of them. Useful puppets. They make the arguments he wants to make about the artificiality of modern consumer society. They—and the events DeLillo drags us through—are otherwise without either depth or interest.“

“I alternate between thinking he is so brilliantly funny or on some sort of drug. Weird and wonderful , but surely not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to “get it”.“

“wow! what an amazing book. a true classic. love the character development. plot is strange, but the writing superb.“

“Thoroughly hilarious, clever and exceptionally creative/imaginative. Profoundly affecting.“

“Constantly mesmerizing. The whole book is a highlight. Highlights within highlights. Godlike prose. Narration and dialogue. All characters. Hysterical arid-sarcasm. So much so, I wonder how many pick up on it. Not one to wolf down. Chew slowly, let it stick to the palette, marinate the mind. I've read it 5 times. Not nearly enough.“

“It's written to make you think about the direction of our culture. Do we even notice catastrophic events any more? What would DeLillo say about today's social media craze?“

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