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“To say that I enjoy and find Eloisa James's novels wonderful reads does NOT even touch the surface of the complete bliss I have when reading her books. Her plots, characters, and prose are so genuinely beautiful. This is my second time reading this novel, and I have reread some of her other series as well. I have always felt that Shakespeare was a romantic and a little like Alfred Hitchcock. And so Eloisa Eloisahas these wonderful qualities that just make you want to keep reading through the night--even if you know what the ending will be, because there is that desire to hear her words speak to you until you have read that very last word.“

“A heartwarming story with characters who jump from the pages and pull you into their world (till the dryer buzzer sounds anyway). I love that this heroine has sisters who are also friends to back her up and fight with her as well. A real family. I actually cried at the sad parts. I have to say that I have read LONG reviews of this series and originally passed it up for other of James' books. One reviewer complained about the faults of all the sisters, especially Imogen, but I find them all believable and totally human. I have every faith that they will all come right in the end and Immie will grow up and get the stick out of you-know-what on to Kiss Me, Annabel.“

“Great read!“

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