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“Great book, could not put it down. Would highly recommend this book for anyone's reading pleasure.“

“I really enjoyed this story. I have nothing but superlatives about the story, the characters and the writing style. Then I came to the end. Either Michael Conley doesn't know how to wrap up a story or he's trying to sell another book, but I hated the way he closed the book. I will not read another of his books if this is his style. It's very frustrating to invest time to this read then being dropped! It's like having good sex without a climax!“

“Was a strong showing for Connelly. Love Haller and Bosch characters. Worth it!“

“Quick grab from the beginning, nice and entertaining.“

“A good look at what our court system is all about. Not always a pretty sight.“

“This book kept me on the edge of my seat I have ready every one of the Lincoln lawyer books this is a must read and a change of venue that has you begging for more !!!!!!“

“Michael Connelly is excellent as always. He is by far the most entertaining detective crime novelist of our time. I love that Harry Bosch is back here, I miss his presence having read all of his books in sequential order.“

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