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“Actually one of the worst books I’ve ever read.“

“I chose this book to read for summer reading and l did not regret it this book was very good except for the end but other than that l think people should read this book it’s very interesting.“

“Nicely structured with perfectly tailored and advance language.“

“At the end coyotito dies!“

“I’m supposed to know the correct page number and it dose t tell the correct one“

“People say it is a boring book but they aren’t explaining why. I have this book as one of my choices to read for a class project. I wish they would explain why they don’t like it because I want to make an informed decision on wether or not I want to read this book.“

“I was forced to read this book for class and i HATED it. first of all, this review is not for people who like analyzing literature becuse that is the majority of the book. But even if you enjoy that theres too much description of stuff that doesnt matter. there was a point where he spent 3 pages describing the beach, thats just as many pages as there was actual action. Also the ending sucked and was unnecessary. -978243879423042/10“

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