1776 by David McCullough PDF Download

1776 by David McCullough PDF Download

By: David McCullough
Relase Date: 2005-05-24
Genre: United States, History

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“Very informative.“

“This author is simply outstanding when it comes to telling this nations history. I have read most of Mccullough’s work and have the rest at hand. Not a syllable of fiction between the covers. A must read.“


“If you hate reading about history don't even look at this book. This book has little dialogue and no plot. The first chapter itself is really bad. Definitely would not suggest this book to ANYONE. 🤦‍♂️“

“Another good read by Mr. McC. Simple. Informative. Believable. He sets the stage and puts you in the cast. This is my third book of his and will read the rest.“

“Oh, that Mr. McCullough had taught at my high school! More there would have been in class and fewer at the donut shop; more future teachers would have sprung from the class of '61 to inspire other students with the truth of the Republic rather than the shadowy liberal view of the current curriculum. Keep going, Mr. McCullough, keep going.“

“Very boring“

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