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“Best of the Rapp books. Character development is superb, the plot intricate and compelling.“

“I never thought any of these books would make me so emotional. Best of the Mitch Rapp series yet.“

“I'm always looking for a good spy novel. My favorite author is Daniel Silva, though after reading this book I think I've found another author who's books I will read as well. I appreciated how believable the storyline was. There was none of this, "Good guy wins and only bad guy dies" stuff. All spy novels speak on sacrifice. This book shows real-time sacrifices by the heroes...including death. I recommend reading this one.“

“What Flynn writes about is common in our world. This is the way terrorism should be fought, take the gloves off.“

“Another outstanding book by Flynn. It was hard to put down. I really enjoyed it.“

“Best book of the series in my opinion.“

“Another great story from Vince Flynn and the adventures of Mitch Rapp. Nearly impossible to put down, the story twists and turns and keeps you engaged right up until the end. Absolutely fantastic!“

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