Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell PDF Download

Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell PDF Download

By: Patricia Cornwell
Relase Date: 2010-11-30
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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“This book was terrible. I have read all the Scarpetta novels and have always enjoyed them to the point of losing sleep. This book took me 3 months to read. Scarpetta is dark and whiny in this book. Nothing like the confident Scarpetta of old. She needs to get over Marino and Benton drama because it's not a viable story line anymore. I won't spend money on the next book. This was an awful read.“

“I have had it with Cornwell. She is so full of herself, and Scarpetta likewise. The plot is so disjointed and wordy, that it is very difficult to read, let alone understand. Scarpetta thinks she is Superwoman. Everybody is against her, and she knows better than anyone else. If I had purchased this book, I would be extremely disappointed !“

“Good reading but if Marino irritates Scarpetta why doesn't"t she handle him??? and her insecurities are getting to me!!! Yet I found the book hard to put down.“

“Lots of non-medical technical jargon in this one but I really enjoyed all the insight into why Dr. Scarpetta is so driven and yet so insecure. Interestingly designed with several different story avenues which all come together very neatly at the end. Good set-up for the next one too. Thanks Ms. Cornwell; you didn't let me down.“

“One of the better books written by P.C. That she manages to write without graphic sex and "F'!?*' every other word is refreshing.“

“This story didn't take off quickly; however, it does leave you with questions at the end that make you want to continue the Scarpetta series. I enjoy reading how the characters' lives evolve. I'm a true fan and look forward to the next book.“

“I have read all of the Scarpetta books and this is the kind of book that made me love Patricia Cornwell! I never liked that she was becoming a celebrity, and glad she is back to basics! I feel Benton is not the same as he used to be, very boring now!“

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