A Fool Again by Eloisa James PDF Download

A Fool Again by Eloisa James PDF Download

By: Eloisa James
Relase Date: 2011-04-26
Genre: Historical, Romance

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“Predictable yet a totally enjoyable short read. Charming characters... Then again, this author always has a great story... I never regret the time I sit with one of her books... And sometimes it's good to have little story because sometimes we don't have anything but short little periods in which to distract ourselves in a fun way.“

“This novella is a very quick read. Despite its length there is sufficient charter development. If you're looking for a very quick read, something one could complete in an afternoon, this is it.“

“Very short love story. Just OK.“


“The story is not long enough for proper character development. As a result, the characters come across as flat and you find yourself not caring what happens with them. It's a fine read for free, but you'd be better off checking thrift stores and garage sales for next-to-free Eloisa James novels.“

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