Vince Flynn Collectors' Edition #1 by Vince Flynn PDF Download

Vince Flynn Collectors' Edition #1 by Vince Flynn PDF Download

By: Vince Flynn
Relase Date: 2010-12-07
Genre: Fiction & Literature,

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“What's up with all the errors? Tb instead of To all over the place, hyphenated words that shouldn't be, periods in the middle of sentences, misspelled words... The single book e-versions don't have those problems. Wouldn't you think the publisher would have more respect for Vince Flynn and his readers than to rush out a series of shoddily prepared collections that glaringly appear to be a rush job to capitalize on the untimely passing of Mr. Flynn.“

“eBook sellers get real! It costs much less to make an eBook. Stop charging what you do! And DEFINITELY charge less for collections - otherwise what's the incentive?? Sorry to sound off but that's just dumb marketing!“

“What is the incentive to purchase the "Collection" when together they cost more than buying them individually? Granted it's only a couple of cents, but there should be a discount for buying three books.“

“I have read Transfer of Power and Third Option; both have been very enjoyable reads. I came to the iBook store to get Flynn's first book, Term Limits, when I saw that they now had these collections. The first volume is not worth it for me since I have already downloaded 2 of the 3 books. But then I realized it would still be cheaper to buy the 3 ebooks separately at $9.99 each (total of $29.97) than to buy this collection of the three for $29.99. Stupid marketing. The collection should be cheaper.“

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