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“Very very good story. Could not put it down. When finished I was saddened to leave the characters behind. What a wonderful story!“

“My favorite of all time“

“Longtime Grisham Fan. This one I missed. Probably one of his great works. So involved, and for me, very meaningful.“

“It is rare that you read a work of fiction that challenges you to strive to become a better person and is entertaining all at the same time. This book is like no other novel I've ever read. It goes from extreme simplicity to extreme greed in just the turn of the page - and caught in the middle is the lead character, Nate, who I feel like I know personally. I loved this book so much that I stopped reading it abut 60 pages from the end just so I could make sure that I could finish it in peace and quiet the next morning. Reading this book is an experience I hope I never forget.“

“Once again, John has gone beyond my expectations, threading the plot ever so delicately, leading me to believe the outcome might be A when in fact it was B, and B was even more amazing than I had hoped for A! Those who read John Grisham will appreciate the sensitive way he has exposed the scale of human values from the bottom of the barrel to the most enlightened among us. A definite read for anyone with a good heart!“

“Super love this book!“

“My mother gave me this book and another of Grisham's books, The Brethren. I really enjoyed both books very much and am looking forward to getting another.“

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