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“Wonderful YA thriller. Can't wait to read the next one!“

“This story doesn't have a ending. I hate books like this. Feel like I was robbed . Wouldn't buy a book by this author again.“

“This book, as with all his books, is awesome!“

“Sorry, although this book had action, interesting characters, and a message, the plot's chance and circumstances made it unbelievable and even predictable. I was disappointed that the author had to rely on action to offer a meaningful (but lost) message about the plight of children.“

“I am most certainly no young adult, I've read hundreds of books, including most of Harlan Coben's. This, I can easily say, is one of my all time favorites. The only thing wrong with it is that it ended far too soon. I have so many questions, and not from the usual holes in the plot. I want to know more about supporting characters. I want to know their stories. I guess that's for future stories and one can only hope for whole books about them I wanted Myron to be more involved, but then, this was Mickey's story. Not just for young adults, but by all means, suitable.“

“Read this on a whim last fall, was thrilled to discover the Myron and Win duo. I read the entire series in the last year and then did a re-read of Shelter. I would love to see more of Myron and Win but can see that the torch has been passed to Mickey, Spoon and Ema. So looking forward to the next release.“

“Awesome book! Best one so far. Couldn't put it down! Ready for the sequel in September!“

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