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“Rip off- shame on you for putting in a couple of weak short stories and then a few chapters of a book and that's it. Further more I'd already read the book about "Lucy" and so I know just how little content there is...I want my money back!“

“Horrible. Book consisted of a couple short stories, very short stories. Maybe I should say a couple of chapters grouped together. A lot of advertising of other books. A big ripoff!“

“Rip off Second rate stories.. and over 20 pages of "preview" for a different book.“

“Terse, grim, beautifully written. If you're already a fan, these are great small bites. If you're new, a perfect intro to Connelly's Bosch and the grim Los Angeles he inhabits.“

“What a huge disappointment. This is nothing more than a dishonest way to charge money for the preview of another novel. The preview was longer than all three stories combined and they could have been written by a fifth grader. Shame on you Michael Connelly!!!!“

“So disappointing to find myself duped into reading a mildly amusing, but mostly waste of time.“

“old material in short story format is really a ripoff“

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