The Black Box by Michael Connelly PDF Download

The Black Box by Michael Connelly PDF Download

By: Michael Connelly
Relase Date: 2012-11-26
Genre: Police Procedural, Mysteries & Thrillers

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“All of his stuff, so far, is very good. Especially if you are stuck in a waiting room. You can drop the thread and pick it up again very easily. A reader in Petoskey Michigan.“

“Loved it!“

“I am a big fan of this author and have loved all his prior titles. This book, however is of a very low caliber. To be quite honest, it reads as if someone else wrote it under Connely's name. Disappointing and I do not recommend it.“

“Not one of Connellys best.“

“I've read this book twice, and enjoyed it both times, but the lack of research into pronunciations of the Central Valley locations was a major problem with the audio book. Manteca, pronounced ( man te ca) with a long e. Also Salida pronounced with a long i. I was amazed that you wouldn't have researched these pronunciations before publishing the books. It had a nails on blackboard reaction for me. It's an excellent book, but don't listen to it if you know the Central Valley, it will drive you crazy. Robert“

“you're going to tell me this was as good as the scarecrow, lincoln lawyer, or void moon ???? really ??? please.....he needs to regroup - this book was boring and lazy....been there - read it before.“

“Michael Connelly has written another can't put it down chapter of the Harry Bosch story. I'm looking forward to the next book.“

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