Song of the West by Nora Roberts PDF Download

Song of the West by Nora Roberts PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Relase Date: 2013-01-15
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“All the elements of a cheap trashy romance novel. Contrived plot. Silly, weak minded young woman with little respect for herself. Arrogant, bullying man. Both behaving like randy teens. Nora Roberts has written novels with intriguing plots and created characters with sufficient depth to be interesting, but this is not one of those. If I had not paid to download this book, I would have quickly deleted it after reading the first couple chapters.“

“This is a much much older book by Roberts. The published date only reveals the date it was digitally published. I have been reading her stuff for a decade and they often change the cover and make it more up to date on the cover. Her best is her trilogies. I LOvE the Chesapeake Bay trilogy that was so loved that her readers demanded she do a fourth to finish the story of a supporting character that intrigued them. I love the Bride Quartet for witty, ballsy women and the seamless way she continues the romance of the first through third books in the fourth. The Emerald stories first captured my interest in college as a pleasure read in between relentless textbook reading. I have been hooked ever since. She goes into more witchcraft and darker things in some which I don't care for but they are still good reads. Her older stand alone novels (which again this actually is) is just sweet and bland and standard for its time.“

“I was expecting more from such an established author... And I'm sorry, but the language the characters use is so inaccurate for modern time... what a bore.“

“I read a lot of Nora Roberts and I don't mind the formula--plucky, smart, headstrong girl meets her match, sparks fly, romance ensues. It's fine. It's comforting, even. But this book was a weak disappointment. I've gotten used to a little more plot or even adventure from Roberts; this had none of that. The main characters were under-developed, the main dude was a boring old typical alpha male, there was no real danger or conflict or sense of urgency, and you should also know, in case this is an important component of a romance novel for you, there was no sex. Sorry is that's a spoiler, but I've come to expect at least a handful of fireworks in a Roberts romance and this had nothing more than a few kisses. So if a boring, chaste romance about a couple boring romance archetypes is your thing, enjoy! But if you're looking for a satisfying Nora Roberts beach read... Keep looking.“

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